Download Tooter for PC (Windows & Mac)

Tooter for PC

Tooter is a new kind of social media application that lets you scroll through the posts. Unfortunately, the app is not available on Windows and Mac. But, you can download Tooter for Windows/Mac PC using the method mentioned below.

Background of Tooter

As mentioned above, Tooter is made for users who are looking for an out of the box solution. Like Facebook, you can post pictures, animations, texts on the wall, and these posts are known as Toots in the app.

There are plenty of social media applications available. But many of them are not as effective as they should be and some are also banned in many countries. For Indian users, Tooter serves the purpose and fills the requirement of an outstanding social media application.

Tooter for PC

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The app has created a buzz over the past few months due to the features it provides. Furthermore, it is a Twitter where you can reply to user’s toots. Tooter users can follow each other and this is a new way of making friends. Other than that, you can respond to the toots of your followers. To provide you with maximum functionality, the app notifies you whenever someone follows or replies to you.

You will find Tooter similar to Twitter and Facebook because of the color scheme. Not only that, there are similar buttons that match the orientation of those popular apps. Similarly, there are verified tick marks that show that the account is authentic. For now, Tooter hasn’t confirmed how and who will get the verified badge.

How popular is the platform

Tooter is new in the game but, it is gaining a lot of attention. Take a guess from this that right now, Indian Prime Minister Narinder Modi is using the app for delivering important toots. Other than that, famous news channels are also using the app for the news platform.

Method to install Tooter for PC

Now that you have gone through the details of the app, let’s talk about the method to install Tooter for PC. Actually, there is no version available for Windows and Mac. But, we have cracked a method to install Tooter on a computer. So, Using Android emulators, now, users can install Tooter on Windows & Mac.

Backend requirements for the installation

  • Windows/Mac operating system
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 1GB of free storage
  • Graphics card (optional)

Tooter PC version installation guide

  • First of all, download the BlueStacks emulator from the links given below
  • After that, Install the emulator on Windows/Mac device
  • Wait for the installation to get complete
  • Open the emulator and enter the Google account details

Download BlueStacks 4.1 for macOSDownload BlueStacks 4.2 for Windows (10/8/7)

Now it is time for the installation of the app

  • Open the BlueStacks emulator
  • Look for the dashboard section
  • On the dashboard, check the “search apps section”
  • Now, Type the name “Tooter” on the search bar
  • It will take you to the page of the app
  • After that, select the app from there and press the install button
  • Wait for the installation to get complete
  • Congrats, you have successfully installed Tooter for PC

Important Note

The method mentioned above for installing Tooter for PC is appliable on both operating systems. If you have a Mac device and want to install Tooter for Mac, just follow the same steps and you will be able to download Tooter for desktop.

Final verdict

As mentioned, there is no version available for Windows and Mac. But, we can have a turnaround and install the app using emulators. To clarify, the app works amazingly on PC through this method. But, there is a need to open the emulator first and then play the Tooter for PC.

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