Strategy to install State of Survival for PC (Windows 10/8/7 and macOS)

State of Survival for PC

State of Survival is a free Android game that you can play on a smartphone. If you are into zombie games then State of Survival is the best game for you. However, the State of Survival is only available on Play Store and there is no version available for PCs. Here, in this post, I will guide to install State of Survival for PC.

Gameplay of State of Survival

State of Survival is a survival game based on zombie attack theory. Here, you are the only survivor from the deadly plague that has eaten everything on earth. The main aim of this game is you and your team’s survival. Players have to build a fort that is zombie-proof. The fort is their only chance of survival

The military and remaining government have gone underground leaving the civilians in the hand of zombies. You have to do everything for surviving the day. The virus has gone lethal on everyone and it has also affected the resources. With minimum resources, you have to cater to your requirements. Make sure you are using those resources to your full potential.

State of Survival for PC

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With these resources, players can build walls to protect them from attacks. Now, these attacks can either come from zombies or from other survivours. So, make sure you are ready for any type of attack. Users can kill the zombies and can get coins from them. Then, they can use those coins for buying weapons.

How the State of Survival is played?

  • Rescue the survivors and recruit them into your squad
  • Gather the resources and use those resources to make forts
  • Use your research for finding out the cure to the virus
  • Play the game with other users and gather them to make an alliance

State of Survival is made by KingGroup Holdings. KingGroup Holding is known for making high-end games. With a rating of 4.4, State of Survival is changing the survival games era. The game is available on Play Store and it is free to use. The best feature is there are no ads in the game. You are free from those annoying popups. So, download the game if you are interested in it.

State of Survival for PC

Guide to download State of Survival for PC

The issue of State of Survival is that you cannot play it on PC. But, don’t worry, I have found a method to install State of Survival for PC. You can play the game on bigger screens by downloading State of Survival on PC. The method is very easy and you can follow it without any technical knowledge. Let’s move forward and discuss the guide to download State of Survival on Windows & Mac devices.

  • First of all, you will need an Android emulator. Select from the ones given below and proceed forward
  • Click on the installation file (DMG/ .exe) to install it on your PC.
  • Open the emulator after installation and wait for it to load completely.
  • You will need Google account details. Enter the credentials and complete the setup.
  • Now it is time to search for the game. Here, you can follow these three steps
    1. Open the Play Store on the web browser. Search for State of Survival. When found, press the install button. Select your Windows device and it will start the process
    2. Use the built-in Play Store on the emulator search for State of Survival. When found press the install button. Leave the rest on the emulator
    3. Use the search apps bar in the emulator. Type the State of Survival there and press the install button.
  • After this process, you will be able to play State of Survival for PC.


I have provided you the method to install State of Survival for PC. Because the game is not available on PC, some users want to play State of Survival on computer. You can use the above method to install State of Survival on laptop. I have tested the method given above. It is very effective and works like magic.

That is all for today from FossforPC on how to download State of Survival for PC. Share the method your with friends and keep visiting us for more tips and tricks.

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