Coin Master for PC (Windows & Mac)-Download Free

Coin Master for PC

Due to powerful smartphones, the era of gaming is shiting towards these devices. The reason is that outstanding processor, along with state of the art RAM integration. Talking about the games, you can find pretty much any kind of title on Android phones. One of those popular titles is Coin Master. With an Android emulator, you can play Coin Master for PC. How? Read the guide till the end. Coin Master With amazing gameplay and a futuristic graphics engine, Coin Master is gaining a lot of attention in the gaming industry. if you are a fan of simulated gambling, then

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Brainscape for PC (Windows & Mac)-Download Free

Brainscape for PC

Today, Fossforpc has brought you the method to install Brainscape for PC. The method mentioned here allows users to use the app on Windows and Mac devices. For further details, read the guide till the end. Background of Brainscape Brainscape lets you increase your learning speed using flashcards. The application lies under the education category and is gaining a lot of attention due to the features and perks. The main reason it is loved by a wide range of community is that it has an amazing UI. Everything is sorted accordingly in the app and through this, learning new skills

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My Boy for PC (Windows & Mac)-Gameboy Emulator

My Boy for PC

Back in the day, Gameboy was one of the most popular consoles. But, now there is no sign of this device. That is mainly because of new modernized consoles and phones. But, if you are willing to play those popular Gameboy games, then download My Boy for PC. Overview of My Boy If you are familiar with Gameboy advance, then this is the app for you. With My Boy, you can play trendy Gameboy games on your phone. The app is designed in the form of an emulator that enables users to play the games on their Android phones. This

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Download SkyGO for Huawei and PC (Windows/Mac/Huawei)

SkyGO for Huawei and PC

Today, I am going to tell you how to install SkyGO app on Windows, Mac, and Huawei devices. As you all know that, the app is not available on these devices, but if you follow the guide, you can install SkyGO for Huawei and PC devices. Background of SkyGO SkyGO is the first app that lets you watch movies and streaming movies using your phone. The developers behind the app are the famous Skytell LLC and they have worked for months on developing the app. Whether it is an action movie or a romantic one, you can find the movie

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BET+ for PC (Windows & Mac)-Download Free

BET + For PC

Android devices and movies sound fun, but how can you do that? Well, there are plenty of video streaming apps available on the Play Store. Today, I am going to tell you about BET+ and the method to install BET+ for Windows/Mac PC. What is BET+ PC? Have you ever heard about Tyler Perry? Yes, that famous star has gained a lot of attention due to his work. Well, now he along with his team has released the BET+ app that enables users to watch black content. BET+ has a lot of content that comprises of original movies as well

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Download Poweramp for PC (Windows & Mac)

Poweramp for PC

Download and install Poweramp for PC. Now, you can get this amazing app on Windows and Mac devices using the method that is mentioned below. just follow the steps, you can use the Poweramp PC version on Windows 10/8/7 & macOS. What is Poweramp for PC Back in the day, with the stock Google operating system, there was a simple music player. But, since the modernized technology, that feature is moving into another dimension. There are plenty of music apps available on the Play Store. But, none of them are comparable with Poweramp music player. With Poweramp, you can listen

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Google Tasks for PC (Windows & Mac)-Download Free

Google Tasks for PC

Are you a person who does not remember about deadlines? Are you a user that has to create a to-do list? If you are from these categories, then Fossforpc has an app for you. With Google Tasks you can create tons of goals and can work on them easily. Apart from the app’s details, I will tell you how to install Google Tasks for PC. About Google Tasks Google Tasks is from Google itself and it is changing the way we create to-do’s list. The main reason the app has got a lot of attention is that it has simplified

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Drop It for PC (Windows & Mac)-Free Download

Drop It for PC

Adding another game to our list, Drop It is one of the funniest games available out there. If you want to increase the fun, download Drop It for PC. Drop It As the covid-19 pandemic stretches on and on, with many countries and cities re-entering lockdowns due to a second wave of the pandemic, it is easy to get bored at home, since most of us have already tried out all the different activities during the first lockdown. If you are in a similar situation looking for new apps and games to distract you and help spend the time while

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ClipDrop for PC (Windows 10/8/7 and MacOS)-Free Download

ClipDrop for PC

The internet is filled with weird and trendy apps. And one of those apps is ClipDrop. If you want to install ClipDrop for PC, read the guide that is given here. What ClipDrop has to Offer With all our social media platforms shifting quickly to make photographs and pictures the primary medium used to showcase yourself and your life, or even your work, photographs have suddenly become a whole lot more important than just to capture moments. This means that not only do photos and pictures now represent more but that they also need to be carefully curated and captured

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Method to download and install BOTIM for PC


There are plenty of communications applications but, if we talk about the top-notched series, BOTIM takes the lead. However, if you want to use BOTIM for PC, you have to install it using Android emulators. About BOTIM With the use of the internet becoming much more common, almost everything in our daily lives has shifted online. From shopping to banking, education, and now even doctor’s visits to some extent, we are able to avail of many services online from the comfort of our homes. With the current covid-19 pandemic that is still raging across many countries of the world in

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